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wel_img We are now undisputed participant within production of advanced rotomolding machines, pulverizing machines, microfine pulvering machine, highspeed mixers and many more. Rotational Moulds associated with moderate steel/ stainless and various associated plastic materials additional tools. The actual marketers tend to be experienced technical engineers who're having powerful specialized in addition to administration background along with concentrate within production associated with Plastic material Rotational Molding plants.
NK Industries is actually well featured organization works together with just about all production / Manufacturing Unit amenities from Ahmedabad that is internationally nicely linked.
Along with powerful background associated with creating and provide in excess number of Rotational Moulds NK industry named in the Global Market. NK Industries engineers are highly skilled obtaining actual production as well as efficiently performing complete turnkey task associated with Rotomolding. NK Industry has own individual Production unit of MOULDS along with amenities in order to produce accurate Rotational Moulds according to customer’s needs.
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Automatic heating control panel system Law maintenance and good efficiency Out put capacity accuracy as per your requirement Insulated heater with modern technology Palletizing cutter and extruder are synchronies s.s water tank for the
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